What Guitar shop?

March 14, 2018

"Where have you been?" I whispered to my soon to be husband, as he took my hand and led me into Ladies Pavilion, Central Park. "I got distracted by a guitar shop" he replied in a hushed tone and a nervous smile which hinted at there being more to this answer... but now was not the time.


For the next 20 minutes or so, we were both transported to our own private world, surrounded in peace and tranquility. The warmth of the sun caressing our faces and lighting the Pavilion structure with unnatural brightness.  We listened to the words spoken by our officiant as he talked about the meaning of love, marriage, the path that led us to this exact moment and the journey we were about to embark on.  And as we shared our vows to each other and were finally announced as Husband and Wife, time stood still and we suddenly became Mr and Mrs Jones.


Over the next four hours, we were conveyed to our favourite locations within Central Park and throughout the City and beyond.  All our planning was now becoming the finished product we had dreamed of...without a single hitch?